This section dating from March 2019 is devoted to articles apart from the; the 34 year unresolved labour case where no compensation was paid to senior West Vancouver teacher, Roger Callow, laid off in June of 1985 under the imposed BILL35 (B.C. 1985) Over 50 judges including the Supreme Court of Canada (4 times) sanctioned this sweetheart deal forever changing how society is conducted in Canada.

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   DATE                          TOPIC                                                         MY COMMENT (c)

MAY 01-2019                     School Daze                                                             A comparative school system review re our bi-cultural nation

APRIL 11-2019                    Maturity-or lack thereof                                      Gimme, gimme, never gets. (1950's aphorism)

MARCH 22-2019                Winning Back the Night                                        A common refrain of women's marches but did the women ever possess this freedom?

MARCH 17-2019              EPITAPH.1940's                                                       A review letter to my childhood friend and neighbor on his upcoming wedding

MARCH 16-2019                Student Testimonial (1984)                                After his graduation, I invited student, John Patton to write a review on my teaching

MARCH 15-2019                It's the Economy, Stupid                                      Stagnant wages are the culprit in an unsustainable economy with increasing costs

MARCH 12-2019                The Birthday Party                                                 The birthday party, not death is the great equalizer, as any parent knows

MARCH 08-2019                Broadcaster Max Keeping(d.2015)                   I tell why in a personal encounter, he will always be 'Mr. Keeping' to me.

MARCH 07-2019                The Disposable Car                                                From the 1950's when 'bumpers were bumpers' to today's flimsy protection.

MARCH 06-2019                To My Grown Son                                                  This poem by Alice Chase hung in our household when our sons were growing up

MARCH 05-2019                Maori Epitaph 1866                                              This Epitaph could stand for any indigenous peoples under the yoke of imperialism

MARCH 01-2019               Scrapping Kindergarten (ON)                             Letters to the editor (first two published) disclosure: T. Dionne is my Fr. Can. wife     

March-01-2019                  IT IS FINISHED                                                         The Employees Case is least for Canada & 38 million Canadians