1) If you have received this letter via your Student Council, then you are one of the few in each Canadian province to receive such. You can act as an individual by contacting other Student Councils in High Schools in your Province to organize on the above basis. Indeed, you may provide your own e-mail which will be kept on a special section entitled STUDENT REGISTRY so that you may contact other like-minded students in your Province. Once a Provincial Student website is completed; my role ends and your communication should be with other provinces.


2) How often have you heard the phrase...but nothing is ever done! In brief, the enemy is passiveness in which Canadians appear to excel. Your role is to become an activist.


3) It works like this: 90% of the time doing nothing appears to be the best answer. So what does one do with the other 10% when they have not built up the skills to meet challenges? Invariably, they do nothing leading to 100% passivity. By meeting challenges as they occur, mistakes will be made but that is how one learns. Just don't repeat the same mistake.


4) Currently schools have been caught off-guard with the eradication of School Boards which also curbs Union protection. It is within that void that High School Students would act by keeping in touch with other High School Student bodies in other Provinces for sharing advice.



5) Your forum is the streets, a growing phenomenon in the world, not clich-ridden politicians and political parties. The target is the government. As a veteran protester in Ottawa for the past 14 years (possibly the longest in Canada), I have learned much about public protesting:

a) make police your friend i.e. approach them first and ask how to obey by-laws. I have never had a problem using that approach. Do not confront them. Talk about matters afterwards.

b) Hold your meetings at school lunch hours and do not infringe on the school programs. If you wish to display Placards; do so on the other side of the street from the school.

c) Liaise with other groups such as parents, teachers, administrators, MADD, etc. but you control the agenda as you are an independent body. Be wary of financial contributions.

d) There are many topics for you. i.e. safety-sports; winter conditions. Suicide is amazingly high in Canada. Do not play psychiatrist. Do work with the suggestions from a local psychiatrist.

e) Stress a substance abuse free approach. For example, report drug dealers on the police tip line. Do not use names e.g. Refer to the Principal as The Administration. Do not name, for example, pedophilia teachers but find ways to get them out of the system such as the Ontario College of Teachers did starting in 1990 as the Unions do nothing around North America.

f) Getting teachers to sponsor school dances can be facilitated by telling the sponsoring teacher that if they see a problem, come to your organization and you will act on the spot


6) The challenge is there and it is for you to see it and take action. I do not advocate violence nor have I used it myself. Even in the community your help can be used i.e. to erase graffitti.


Get In Touch - looking forward to hearing from you. Roger Callow



07) Government: Feel free to call them out such as the 'bonus program' paid to cabinet ministers for merely doing their job. For example the Minister overseeing the disaster known as the Phoenix Pay System for Federal Workers still received her bonus. The word imposed has legal ramifications which you may overlook; just complain about the effects of gov't. action

08) Courts of Law (and lawyers): Stay away from this issue as even the media cannot distinguish between 'issues' and 'legal interpretation of issues'.

09) Large Challenges: Avoid them under the constraint of time. You can always act privately in support of major causes.

10) Picketing Challenges: If approached by hostile groups, depart immediately on a pre-arranged exit policy. Take photos for future reference where possible but don't endanger yourself. Listen respectively but do not engage in conversation merely thanking people for their observation.

11) Organization: Keep it informal without lists of members or specific rules beyond your mission statement. Ask others for suggestions as to conduct in your province and others. Do not Register your organization nor accept public accolades. Remember you are first line responders; keep to your task.

12) Observances: Perhaps an incident prompts you to lay flowers at a site. Do that on a personal level without any reference to your organization.

13) Mayhem: If matters in your group get 'too testy'; either call a 'time-out' period (3 weeks?) or, if necessary, relocate your provincial web-site to another locale.

14) Facebook & Twitter : I use neither as they appear socially connected. Develop your own approach with such as letters on your web site.

15) Proselytize: Expect slow going at first in contacting other student bodies. Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day.

16) Media: You have your own media; the internet. In the event that a reporter inveigles a member to talk to them, be quick to claim that they speak only for themselves. If the media targets your group negatively, write me and I will deal with it. Avoid Political Parties and politicians 'like the plague'.

17) Parental Advisory: With child seat's placed in the back seat, it is possible for itinerant drivers (usually the husband) to forget them leaving children to die in overheated cars. SOLUTION: Place purse or cell phone in back seat at all times while driving. My personal preference would be to return to placing child seats in the front seat.



Other ideas will be added here as either I or you think of them



(web site contact / your Province / your school) send to:

Once a number of individual web site addresses for a Province are received, a main address will be selected.

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