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     The 30 year Employee's Case is over...over for Canada and Canadians, that is. Canadian democracy has been sacrificed on the altar of Judicial venality as seen through this case before 10 separate court systems and 40 judges and yet still leaving this laid-off senior teacher under BILL 35 (1985) in a state of limbo where no compensation (includes pension rights) has been paid.

     The charge is one of systematic judicial abuse from which no bureaucracy can survive due to the word systematic.

     2016 sees the attempt by the Respondent West Vancouver School Board to 'dismiss' two appeals; one in SK and the second in QC. The combined Plaintiff factum for both provinces appears under SK/QC APPEAL 'DISMISSALS' (ADDENDUM: both matters are SCofC Appeals)

     Casualties as of the last Federal Election (October 19-2015) include the role of the individual (read that as 'whistleblower') whose demise makes a mockery of the 1982 Charter of Rights and Freedoms as judges just do as they please with no oversight bodies extant including Parliament. The second target is the anti-employee Canadian media whose credibility has now been eclipsed by the internet. The boycott against the Employee's Case embodies that spirit. PLACARDS: 1) WHAT THE FATHER WOULD CREATE / THE SON WOULD DESTROY  2) GLORY BOY / GO BACK TO TEACHING DRAMA (because it is 2016)

As the 'Outlawed Canadian in an outlaw Justice System' , I voluntarily withdraw from Canada in spirit as my bid to go from an army of one-man to a one-man army (there is a distinction) succeeded but I never attracted the anti-employee media nor politicians plus any all-important group support such as the B.C. Teachers. In that regard, the West Vancouver School Trustee 'Final Solution' has become a reality in which a dismissal may be hidden behind a 'lay-off' (different set of laws) as sanctioned by the courts. If the bronze statue of a little girl espousing the ignominy of the 'comfort women' kept by Japanese troops in WWII which stands outside the Japanese embassy in South Korea can upset Japan, perhaps a similar statue to the 'Outlawed Canadian' should be plunked down on the lawn outside the Supreme Court of Canada.

     Those right wing trustees can justifiably pat themselves on the back for painting a collective yellow stripe down the backs of B.C. Teachers which continue to fail to force their Union to pass over the 'secret missing memo notes' of School Board meetings in June of 1985 to discuss the imposed BILL 35 and the lay-off of senior teacher, Roger Callow (BILL 35 since recalled before this sole-laid case resolved).

Court sanctioning of the 'sweetheart deal' was another feather in the cap of those Trustees so that no thinking employee will hold Union membership anywhere in Canada. The downside is that no employee will trust to arbitration or the courts in Canada plus, in B.C. at any rate, no ethical principal will write a negative Professional Report on a teacher. All in all, it is the recipe for anarchy. Chinese observer: Gee, just like at home, courts of law but no justice.

     As Canada no longer deserves a birthday on July 1 where citizens smile vapidly while waving their Canadian flags spouting; 'Canada and Canadians are the luckiest people in the world'; I have re-named the day 'anti-judge day'. Dress up with your favourite legal sIogan e.g. STAY OUT OF A CANADIAN COURTROOM UNLESS YOU FIRST BUY THE JUDGE. If Canadians are indeed the luckiest people in the world, it is not due to our institutions as the Employee's Case has shown; rather, it is due to the proximity of our powerful U.S. neighbor who considers Canada to be their northern boundary of defense.

     This series is devoted more to the operation behind the scenes of the Employee's Case as the legal parameters of the Employee's Case are adequately described in the up to 2015. For example, this case rates as a rare legal oddity, a 'standing case' from which philosophical attacks may be made on the legal system. Senator Duffy and former CBC employee, Jan Gomeshi also have 'standing cases' although Duffy blew his opportunity by taking the witness stand. A legal maxim should read: Legal success is NOT having your day in court, rather, it is making sure that the other guy has his day in court. (ADDENDUM: Both litigants had, in great contrast to my 40 judges, honest judges which appears to be a rare commodity in Canadian jurisprudence if the Employee's Case is any example.








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